Do you usually find yourself stressed or wasting a lot of time when finding some essential stuff in your kitchen? If that is your case, its a sign that your kitchen is not well organised. But worry no more since there is a solution for you. Below are some tips that can help you efficiently organise your kitchen which will then save you from unnecessary stress and save you time.

Below are 5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Organised.

1. Ensure you sort all belonging in your kitchen.

Why keeps things that you don’t usually use in your kitchen? By this I mean you should first ensure you remove all those items which are not needed in your kitchen activities. This is because disorderly cabinets will make it so hard for you to find all that you need. When you remove nonessential stuff, you will create more space that will enable you to arrange you belonging in an orderly manner. For instance, you can store the utensils you don’t regularly use somewhere else.

2. Thorough cleaning of your kitchen.

Cleaning your kitchen is among one of a significant way of keeping it organised. The cleaning should be usually done from the top of the kitchen to the bottom. Dust in any of your decorative kitchen materials, appliances, dust outside the kitchen cabinets should be removed. You can use a soapy rag to clean them. Ensure you use a clean, dry cloth to dry your counter tops and insides of the cabinets. Ensure you sweep and clean your kitchen floor. All this cleaning ensures that your appliances and dishes are put in a clean place without grime or dust.

If you have a fridge in your kitchen, then you should also consider cleaning it. Everything in the counters and any removable drawers should be removed first before doing any cleaning to the fridge. You can use a microfiber cloth or all-purpose cleaning spray to clean the shelves. Other removable parts should be cleaned with warm soapy water and must be assembled after drying.

3. Arrange your items according to your activities in your kitchen.

It’s without any doubt that the activities you do in your kitchen are the one that determines where you keep your items.

For instance, you can include sections like:

  • Tea or coffee spot where you can easily access your teapot, mugs, tea or coffee.
  • Food preparation section where you prepare your dishes and keep items for preparing the dishes such as measuring cups, cutting board and knives.
  • Cooking station section where you do the cooking.
  • A serving station where you serve your dishes.

4. Step four • Identify sections where to place items you frequently use.

The items you put in the section should be the one that you use on a daily basis. The items put in the sections should be easy to use, take out, wash and replace. They should be kept at a waist level, and they should be near a sink or a dishwasher

5. Grouping of items that are similar together.

This can be done through categorising your kitchen items for instance pots, mugs, dinnerware or even storage containers in their respective similar groups. By placing the item is such categories, it will be easier for you to find and access what you need on time. It’s also good to ensure that you don’t have many of one similar item in one group.


In conclusion, I firmly believe you can now use the above tips to make your kitchen organised. Its therefore highly recommendable you use the tips today and you will love the experience. Its hopeful that you loved the article and if so you can comment or share with others.

5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Organised

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